I always think that the things behind fashion are actually more interesting than fashion itself. Fashion is constantly changing and even reincarnation with the passage of time, which is inseparable from the background of the times. In recent years, the retro style of the hot, let me think of the retro glamour, the glory of the golden 1920s.

“The Great Gatsby” has been frequently screened as a classic, and it has become the best representative of our twentieth century. Writer Fitzgerald, as an experience of the times, described this era with “this is a miraculous generation, an era of art, an era of money, and an era of ridicule”.

Flapper’s original intention is “the bird that just learned to fly”, and the Flapper Girls used to describe the beautiful and frivolous young girl of that era. In the 1920s, the design of the dress was almost “straight” and it was comfortable to wear. But the details on the straight skirt are more luxurious, such as sequins, gems, crystals, feathers and tassels, etc.

In “The Great Gatsby”, this sleeveless skirt inlaid with Swarovski crystals is an important costume for the woman. The collision between the silk dress and the gemstone makes the overall shape more luxurious and highlights the temperament of the ladies. Gorgeous clothes, makeup can not be taken lightly! Finely depicted eyebrows, exquisite smoky makeup, a deep red lips, let people look at it, just want to stop!

In the golden 1920s, fashionable women have kept short hair and then embodies different styles by scalding different curls. If it’s just retro curly hair, the shape is a little monotonous. At the time, influenced by Art Deco’s artistic style, those hair accessories decorated with silk, mesh, diamonds, and feathers were very beautiful.

Tiffany & Co. The Great Gatsby Savoy Diamond and Pearl Headdress

 Previously, pearls were a symbol of elegance, dignity, and conservatism, and the current trend turned it into a feminine and moving accessory that set off women. So long-chain pearls became another sign of the Flapper Girls. Of course, in addition to the long string of entangled pearl necklaces, the multi-circle surrounded pearl bracelet is also a sign.

Tiffany & Co. Blue Book White South Sea Pearl imitated Bracelet

Tiffany & Co. Blue Book imitated diamond ring

In this age of drunkenness, how can big-grain diamonds not be loved by Flapper Girls? In addition to the large carat diamond ring, the jeweled bracelet and brooch are also loved by the cute Flapper Girls.

Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Stinky Diamond imitated Brooch

Throwing the switch in the story, the golden 1920s created a most luxurious dream for future generations, and also created a “dressing model” for the exquisite girls that will always be a style that makes you feel excited.

From time to time in my circle of friends, there is the content about “bluebird eggs”. This color, collectively referred to as the “blue”, has an exclusive noun called Robin-egg-blue. This blue color is probably the most expensive blue in the world, beyond the Internationa Klein Blue (IKB) I introduced earlier. Because it is the blue that exists in the dreams of thousands of women around the world — Tiffany blue.

This is a kind of blue with powerful magical power, which has a strong appeal.

Tiffany Setting six-claw engagement diamond ring is hailed as the perfect wedding essential for each girl.

Tiffany official website introduces this little blue box: Since its inception, Tiffany Blue Gift Box® has poured the world with its unique charm. As everyone knows, only customers who purchase Tiffany accessories can get this fascinating gift box, which was originally made by Charles Lewis Tiffany. As the 1906 ,New York Sun contained: Tiffany has the same product, no matter how much it costs, it can’t be bought because it not sells. This is Tiffany blue gift box.

I don’t know if you are curious. Why does Tiffany choose this blue color as the standard color of its own brand? You think that the standard colors of domestic wedding jewelry brands are red, gold and white. Due to the cultural background, people will first think of this color, because they all recognize this unique color through this brand.

Tiffany & Co Return To Tiffany knock-off bead bracelet

But in European and American cultures, the truth is opposite. When people see this color, the first thing that comes to mind is “happiness”, which is why Tiffany founder Charles Lewis Tiffany chose the lighter robin egg blue as the reason for the company’s standard color.

(The reason why Capote wrote “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” instead of “other brands’ Breakfast” is to hint at Holly’s pursuit and desire for “happiness.” At the same time, this also conveys special to people: Tiffany in Robin Egg Blue = Happiness )

This blue represents happiness, especially the happiness of marriage and family. Tiffany chose this blue as the representative color of its own brand.

(Please believe that this is not a unique force, but a traditional tradition that cannot be traditional)

The robin was loved by the British. In 1960, the readers of the Times voted to be the most popular bird, so it was also known as the British national bird. They are not afraid of the cold, nor will they migrate in the winter. People are very happy to have such a cute bird in the cold and dark winter of the UK. Especially the birds under the snow are very beautiful.

From the blue bird eggs to Tiffany Blue, this propaganda of Tiffany is very successful.

The beginning of this article should start with a nice breakfast.

In 1961, a movie starring Audrey Hepburn, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, was popular around the world and is still one of the most classic love and fashion films in the history of film, it is also the best-selling film since Hepburn filmed a movie.

You may be confused, what kind of brand is it – why can a movie be willingly and blatantly use her name to advertise her; why can it let Audrey Hepburn stand in her window to eat breakfast while concentrating on it?

If you have the same curiosity as me, let’s take a look at her (Tiffany) past and present.

Tiffany’s Past and Present

The story began in 1837, the opening of the first Tiffany store

Tiffany founder Charles Luis Tiffany came to New York with a dream, redefining the elegant Tiffany style. On September 14, 1837, the first Tiffany store at 259 Broadway in New York opened.

Tiffany First Released Tiffany Blue Book

Tiffany has published the first Tiffany Blue Book direct mail catalog in the United States to showcase Tiffany’s luxurious jewelry masterpieces to distinguished guests. “Tiffany Blue” first appeared on the cover of Tiffany’s fine jewelry catalog.

Different from the versatile and luxurious of ordinary jewellery, it has the original beauty of nature, and the minimalist style design instantly awakens the most primitive and pure love and beauty of people.

She carries dreams, represents romance, and always reminds the wearer to maintain and pass on this sacred belief. The women are crazy for her, probably because of the slenderness and softness that Tiffany is born with, touching their softest, most girly, and most childlike heart. The celebrities who have worn her are also numerous, including Mrs. Lincoln, Mrs. Roosevelt’s wife, Audrey Hepburn, and Kate Blanchett.

The Tiffany Diamond

Tiffany · Legendary Yellow Diamond

The yellow diamond is one of Tiffany’s signatures. When Breakfast at Tiffany was promoted, Hepburn’s ribbon necklace was encrusted with a Tiffany Diamond called Tiffany legendary yellow Diamond, totally 128.54 carats.

Feeling a bit heavy, and many women also want to help the goddess share. It is said that this 128.54 carat yellow diamond has experienced four inlays before and after.

Bird On a Rock is the hard work of jewelry designer Jean Sloan Berger, which is the third inlay of this legendary yellow diamond.

The fourth inlay was placed on a platinum diamond necklace at the 175th anniversary of the brand, which took more than a year to produce.

Tiffany · Engagement Ring

Sending a Tiffany diamond ring is like “The Tiffany Promise”, eternal and everlasting.

Tiffany · Setting Diamond Ring

The Tiffany Setting diamond ring was launched by Tiffany’s founder, and its iconic platinum six-prong setting embellishes the diamond on the platinum base, giving the diamond a radiant glow.

Tiffany · Harmony

Tiffany Harmony’s engagement diamond ring is uniquely designed with Tiffany diamonds set in a tapered platinum ring on either side.

Tiffany · Fancy Cut Soleste Diamond Ring

Tiffany Soleste Rings have been designed and developed over the years to create a respected emerald shape, rich oval shape, romantic heart shape and elegant pear-shaped diamond cut, surrounded by beaded diamonds and interpreted in a Soleste style.

Tiffany’s Blue & Small Blue Box

As “Tiffany Blue” was loved by more and more people, the brand first registered it as a trademark in 1878, becoming the brand’s royal color, PANTONE color number is 1837, this number is exactly the year of Tiffany’s establishment, because the brand is applied for a color patent, so no one can use it without permission.

When Audrey Hepburn filmed Breakfast at Tiffany, there were 40 heavily armed guards to prevent Tiffany’s small blue box from being stolen. Why is it so important? How does this box become the most recognizable Fashion Icon in the retail sector?

“Tiffany Blue” was used in the brand’s gift box, “Little Blue Box” immediately became the most representative symbol, whether it is a ring, earrings, necklaces, diamonds or accessories, will be installed in such a white ribbon in the blue box. Tiffany also registered trademarks for “Tiffany Blue Box” and “Tiffany Blue Gift Box.”

As everyone knows, only customers who purchase Tiffany products can get the “small blue box”, which was set by Charles Tiffany personally.

In 1906, the New York Sun had a report: “No matter how much money people are willing to pay, Mr. Charles Tiffany has one thing that is not for sale, but for giving, and that is his box.

The company strictly stipulates that the empty box with the company name cannot be brought out of the company. The Tiffany blue gift box must be equipped with the company’s products, because it represents the company’s guarantee of its quality. ”

In 2014, Tiffany also launched a $250 jewelry based on its classic box.

This is my favorite Tiffany ad

Even if we have been together for many years, he can still send me Tiffany.

Replica Tiffany Soleste Heart-Shaped Ring Yellow/White Crystals Gorgeous Jewelry Lady Gift On Sale 28681178
Tiffany Soleste Earrings Dupe Aquamarines Diamonds Newest Design Fashion Girls Jewelry GRP09515

There is a tradition in American weddings. At the ceremony, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”is necessary.

I personally have always felt that Tiffany can occupy the marriage and love market for so many years, a big reason is the custom of “wedding with something blue”. In the minds of people, the blue represents love, blessing, and loyalty. If people really don’t know how to solve the problem, this Tiffany & Co. blue little box will be a good way that can solve all the troubles.

The rings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings of Tiffany & Co. are different in texture, color, size and soft and hard texture, but each style can be easily combined. Melvyn Kirtly is the chief jeweler, who has been working at Tiffany for over 30 years. In his view: “The round diamond is the most selected of the diamonds so far, and many people are now inclined to consider other shapes. But from a classic point of view, the round diamond is a very beautiful piece of Tiffany, which never go out of fashion, looking fashionable.”

Tiffany & Co. Keys Modern Keys white gold Diamonds imitated ring

Tiffany Keys is the key to unlocking the future
The heart is a lock, and only the exclusive key can open it. Tiffany & Co. Keys series has a delicate and exquisite shape that transforms the classic shape of the key, hanging in the heart and listening to the real heart. In the moment of love, it gives people courage to express love and open up the infinite possibilities between each other.

Tiffany & Co. Keys imitated diamond Key Pendant

Tiffany & Co. Keys Modern diamond Keys imitated Key Pendant

As the classic collection of brand, Tiffany Keys is inspired by the keys from the Tiffany Antique Collection. I think the popularity of this series is also because the design concept of communication is particularly powerful, “Hang your chest, close to the atrium, listen to the deepest sounds in your heart, share your thoughts, give courage and encourage you to move forward”.

Tiffany & Co. — the best gift to express love

Many parents in the United States buy Tiffany accessory for kids when children are born. And then add it as their age or experience grows, each of which is commemorative. In addition to these brand stories, Tiffany is the one who wants to buy more than the words: “It will last forever”. This famous quote from the jewel designer Elsa Beretti is a curse, which always encourage people to have the Tiffany & Co. Accessory, enriching the life. At the same time, it can accompany you for the lifetime, and you can leave it to the next generation, which is amazing!

Every Valentine’s Day is a bright light in the road of love and scenery. On this Valentine’s Day, leave the most romantic memories. Let Tiffany & Co witness your sweet moments.

Blogger has compiled a perfect guide for everyone: how does Valentine’s Day propose? Just a blessing for everyone.

Location–beautiful park
Each park has its own fairy tale. In the beautiful park, people bowed to knees and promised the promise of the next life. The choice of park is best to belong to her favorite theme park, and it is best to be in the city where she lives. In this way, it is convenient for her to go to this romantic and memorable place often with her dearest.

Essentials — Rose and Tiffany & Co Diamond Ring
Among many issues of proposal, the most important thing is a proposal ring. A ring is a heart, when you put a wedding ring for your girl, in fact, your heart has been handed over to her. Tiffany & co diamond ring is the unique affection of the world’s love. To the extreme, coupled with fresh roses, at the moment you kneel on the knee, “belongs to your happiness and sweetness” has already been revealed.

Tiffany & Co Harmony diamond imitated ring

Proposal word – warm and simple
In the proposal, you should add some warm and simple words, “Dear, I want to accompany you to watch the sunrise and sunset every day, I want to take your hand and walk to the white head”. Such a sentence is very simple, but each word and each sentence flows into her heart. So touching and God will be touched by you.

Important details — hand in hand to the end of time
If encounter a snowy day, you must hold her hand tightly on the way to the park. With loved girl, you compose the most beautiful fairy tale of life, which will be very romantic. Of course, artificial snowflake effects is also well.

Welfare tips written in the back — the choice of Valentine’s Day diamond ring
First, before choose a diamond ring, you need to know the knowledge of 4C (weight, color, clarity, cut) . As it affects the quality of diamond, wearing effect and the price. So the homework in this area must be done well.

Secondly, when choose diamond ring, people according to hand shape and skin color will be better. Generally, 30-50 cents diamond with slim hand is obvious. In addition, the classic style can withstand the test of time.

Tiffany & co Harmony Four-claw diamond white gold imitated ring

Tiffany & co Harmony Pearl-chain white gold diamond imitated ring

Finally, when choose ring, boys can consider the brand with a good meaning. For example, Tiffany & Co means true love and happiness, which is very romantic.

What kind of gift should be sent your lovely girl on Valentine’s Day, which seems to be a problem every man must encounter. Flowers, chocolates, and a candlelight dinner are all Valentine’s Day gifts that will never be outdated. However, if you want to give your partner an unforgettable gift on Valentine’s Day, just consider Tiffany & Co. Jewelry that is the dream that every girl will marry.

The red rose symbolizes the blazing love, the sweet chocolate and a romantic candlelight dinner. The things make the romantic atmosphere rise rapidly must be jewelry, which has always been the favorite of girls. Boys only need to pick a delicate and elegant necklace, bracelet or earrings as a Valentine’s Day gift for girls, who must be pleasantly surprised. What kind of gift is the most romantic for Valentine’s Day? Let’s promise her a lifetime with Tiffany & Co.!

The 2019 Valentine’s Day is coming on its way. Have you ever starting to prepare Valentine’s Day gifts? Many girls love the Tiffany & Co. Jewelry, which is elegant and simple. Combine with a charming Tiffany Blue color, which exudes a romantic atmosphere. Many girls’ wedding rings will also use the Tiffany & Co. style. On Valentine’s Day, man, who wants to surprise his girlfriend, can consider the following entry-level gifts. There is always one that will impress your lover.

In order to give a love gift to lover, you can consider engraving the name of your girlfriend. Due to the domestic official website, when shopping online, some jewelry can choose the function of “ENGRAVE” to make the unique gift. The charges for the four engravings and pattern styles on the official website of the online shop are as follows:

Engraving (US$25)

Hand Engraving (US$45)

Monogramming (US$60)

Symbols (US$25)

Classic Return to Tiffany® Heart Tag Toggle Bracelet (US$385) is inspired by the 1969 classic key ring. The 925 silver bracelet is elegantly designed with charms and pin buckles. This bracelet is easy to wear and easy to wear. No matter what style, it can show the perfect side.

Tiffany & Co Knock-off Return to Tiffany® Heart Tag Toggle Sliver Bracelet

Tiffany & Co Knock-off Return to Tiffany® Mini Double Heart Tag Sliver Pendant

Every Valentine’s Day is a romantic day for couples to confess, date and marry. Many girls want to receive the Valentine’s Day gifts from their boys on Valentine’s Day. Of course, there are still some matters need attention on Valentine’s Day to send gifts for girls. It is the degree of relationship. If you are still only a friend, don’t give too much intimate gifts, so as not to cause the other party’s resentment. Of course, in this romantic festival, men can also send some intimate romantic gifts to confess to the girls.

I have listed a 30-year-old must-buy list (what are you guessing inside), one of which is to buy a Tiffany. Although many of my friends preferred its wedding ring. But I just want to have a Tiffany

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
The first time I heard about Tiffany was the Audrey Hepburn’s 1961 film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

International Standard Color Card – Tiffany Blue
To this day, Tiffany Blue has become a brand-specific color with a high degree of recognition. This magical blue color is derived from the color of a robin egg in the United States, Robin’s egg blue. In Western legends, the robin is a symbol of romance and happiness, representing a lover who will eventually become a genus. It is said that Tiffany & Co chose this color in order to create a “color” to interpret love.

Tiffany gift box that can only be given away and don’t sell
The classic Tiffany Blue with signature white ribbon Tiffany Blue Box® is also registered. Out of confidence in this blue gift box, Charles Lewis Tiffany personally set a rule that the gift box cannot be sold separately. As the 1906 “New York Sun” described it as such: “Tiffany has one product, no matter how much it costs, it can’t be bought because it only sells. This is the Tiffany gift box.”

Tiffany & Co little blue gift box only send and don’t sell, which is full of magic for women.

Shakespeare said that the flash is not all gold and it can also be a diamond. As we all know, even though a younger diamond has undergone a replacement of about 900 million years and an older diamond may have a history of about 3 billion years. The number of colored diamonds is less than the number of Picasso’s famous paintings.

In the heart of Tiffany & Co’s chief jeweler Melvyn Kirtly, the world’s most beautiful diamond is a green-blue Tiffany anniversary blue. However, Melvyn Kirtly thinks that pink is the best, especially the “bright pink”.

The engagement diamond ring
The well-known engagement diamond ring in present is the diamond ring firstly promoted by Tiffany & Co. In 1886, Tiffany launched the most prestigious Tiffany® Setting engagement diamond ring, which is still a must-have for all kinds of marriage ceremonies. And this classic “six-claw setting method” immediately became the international standard for engagement diamond ring setting.

Tiffany® Setting white gold imitated classic six-claw diamond ring

Although there are many different cutting methods of diamond, I still feel that the classic six-claw diamond ring is very attractive. This Valentine’s Day, with a Tiffany® Setting imitated diamond ring, I hope that my love is as romantic as Tiffany & Co.

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Of course, the original Tiffany jewels have their own markets depending on the size of the pocket of the buyer. However, this in no way can take away the special points about the imitation varieties of Tiffany jewels. These jewels are almost same as the original Tiffany jewelry. Customers are paying big money for the name rather than anything more in terms of quality and workmanship.

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