November 2019


Some people believe that every thing in this world comes with a price tag. We disagree with this idea since we staunchly believe that one cannot put a price on love. After all, when Mr. Big proposed to Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, a film emblematic of the crusading consumerism in modern-day life, he did not need a big rock to get a yes. He got down on his knees, proposed with a shoe and women across the world sighed. One does not always need a real diamond to seal the deal. It’s the thought behind the proposal that counts.

Is it a good idea to propose with a replica Tiffany & Co diamond ring?

To start with, if you are buying from the right store, a replica Tiffany & Co diamond ring won’t look like a replica at all. Good curators understand the importance of carrying and selling only high-quality products. They emphasize strongly on design aspects and ensure that the copied versions are an exact replica of the original design. To a naked eye, the difference between a high-quality Tiffany & Co diamond replica ring and the original is actually not all that apparent. However, before you actually make a purchase, go through the review of Tiffany diamond ring replicas to make sure you are putting your money in a good ring.

Why should you propose with a Tiffany & Co diamond replica ring?

If you are planning to spend your life with someone, you know you love them and are willing to do everything to make them happy. You may currently not be in a position to buy them an original, but you know you will work everyday to bring a smile to their face. Isn’t that a reason good enough to not let anything come in the way? What if you wait to collect enough money to buy an original and things change on the way? Are you willing to take that risk? If she accepts a replica and wears it as a symbol of your love, you will know for sure that she loves you for who you are and will stand by you even when you cannot give her what she expects. This is the foundation on which successful love stores are built.

Love is priceless

Do not feel dissuaded by financial constraints. Love, when pure, is above everything else. If she loves you, she will accept you even if you give her a replica ring. The propose gift idea of a replica Tiffany&Co diamond ring isn’t a bad idea at all. The important thing is how you are proposing. Do something special, let her know that she means the world to you and while you may not be able to give her the world right now, you are willing to do everything to one day be able to give her everything she deserves and more.