June 2018


A smile-a-lot girl never gets too close to misfortune. A French writer, Hugo said, “Smile, be sunshine, it can eliminate the face of winter color.” Girls, please smile to life! Life is very like a mirror: if you smile upon it, it smiles back upon you; but if you frown and look doubtful on it, you will get a similar look in return. Smile to life is a kind of attitude. Before, I didn’t understand it, and I always met many troubles in my daily life and work even though I was enough outstanding. Slowly, I started to use wiser and smarter ways to face those troubles on my smiling face, and I found it worked and I won more respect from friends and colleagues. I have understood something since then, and at present, I always smile a lot and I have my own attitude of life, work and misfortune. Because of it, I also like smile-themed accessories very much. I bought three pieces of replica Tiffany T Smile Pendent necklaces with diamonds from my friends, the same style in different colors.

First, I bought them because my friend runs a store in making purses and jewelries by hand. I happened to meet the Smile pendent necklace and I felt it was chic and meaningful. I don’t mind whether it is fake or real as long as it is of high quality. Maybe my friend saw that I liked it a little then, then she gave it to me as a gift. She told me that it was made in sterling silver and guaranteed by her. I really like it, so I bought three in yellow gold, rose gold and silver, and I got some discount on the price. I need some simple and chic necklaces to adorn my neck.

The sexy neck depends on a slim neck, sexy collarbones and right necklaces. Magical chemical reaction produces with the help of Tiffany T Smile pendent replica necklaces. Because of them, my charm stands out, and my smile stand out. With simple structured look, Tiffany T Smile replicas express the distinctive elegance and appeal. For women, we need necklaces to adorn our necks.

The three replica Tiffany T Smile pendent necklaces with diamonds are made in 925 silver, the colored models are plated with yellow gold and rose gold. Thanks for zircon, they are shiny and beautiful. Many girls think yellow gold hardly match with their outfits well like me, but the Tiffany T Smile pendent necklaces are slim and simple, so I don’t worry it. Yellow gold has been a symbol of royalty since antique eras. The simple structured Smile necklace in yellow gold foils my noble charm. Rose gold is a kind of modern color, elegant, romantic and luxury. The rose gold Smile necklace show my female charm. The silver model is the most easy-matching style. Because of it, my low-key and friendly appeal stand out.


Tiffany, a symbol of American designs, has enjoyed a high reputation with love and beauty, romance and dream for nearly two centuries. Inspired by olive leaves symbolizing peace, joy and hope, Paloma Picasso, a famous jewelry designer, designed the Olive Leaf collection for Tiffany. There are many bushy olive trees around her house in Morocco, do the Olive Leaf jewelry is injected into her rich personal emotion. In fact, olive trees have close connection with a fairy tale. Therefore, Tiffany Paloma Picasso® Olive Leaf jewelry has a deep meaning of traditional culture.

It’s said that Athena taught the human being to farm, and she was highly respected by them. As a result, that caused the envy of Poseidon, the God of sea ans earthquakes in ancient mythology. Although the gods came to mediate the settlement between Athena and Poseidon, but it didn’t work. After discussion, they would determine to judge the one who could give a more useful item to the human being was the winner. Poseidon hit the ground with his trident, and then an invincible war horse flied from the crack, neighing and wearing golden light. Athena pointed to the city wall with her spear, and then an olive tree grew up rapidly at the corner. Athena said to human being, “It can light up the dark, remove the trauma, treat diseases and symbolize peace.” Human being and Golds thought that Athena made a greater contribution to human. So, her guard would protect the Olive tree. European people has considered the tree as the divine grace since then. They relied on olive trees in their daily life and treatment of diseases.

From the fairy tale, we know that the olive tree or the olive leaf is always the theme in the field of design. Paloma Picasso used the olive leaf-styled jewelry to express her rich personal emotion and attitude towards peace. She is an attractive lady, because she is reputable for her bold design style all over the world. She inherits rich imagination from her father Pablo Picasso and elegant temperament from her mother Françoise Gilot. Her father Pablo Picasso drew a dove with a branch of olive leaves in its mouth for the first World Peace Council the Soviet Union held. The simple but powerful painting has been the most famous sign of peace since then. Pablo Picasso named Paloma Picasso his daughter because Paloma means a dove in Spanish. What’s more, the olive leaf is a sign of peace and hope.

Tiffany Paloma Picasso® Olive Leaf collection pays tribute to the olive tree as a universal symbol of peace and harmony. Intricate branches of sterling silver or 18k gold form pendants and cuffs while hand-cut cabochons are entwined in tiny leaves for vivid rings and luxuriant earrings.

Jewelry is the best friend of a women, and it is a truth for any woman, especially those ladies who influenced the Times. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy owned many pieces of jewelry many women dreamed. She said jewelry had an epoch-making significance for herself. In 1996, 559 pieces of luxury diamonds and jewelry were displayed at Sotheby’s auction house, making a hit.

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy was born on July 28th, 1929 in New York, Wife of the 35th President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. She was just 32 years old when she became the First Lady. John Fitzgerald Kennedy wasn’t the President of the United State when they got married. Owing to Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, President Kennedy could be the youngest president in the history of the United State. Jacqueline’s elegant image enhanced John F. Kennedy’s public image and taste. During the President election, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy helped Kennedy win a great many votes. After they lived into the White Palace, she promoted the culture about the White Palace and established White Palace Arts Council. She also raised money to decorate it and shot documents in order to show history and architectural style of the White Palace. The title “the First Lady” means the spokesman of the United Stated. The Kennedy would be the only focus every time they appeared. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy added brilliance to his husband’s image in the political circle. President Kennedy satisfied her demands of customized jewelries and high fashion clothes.

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy VS Marilyn Monroe
Young and attractive President Kennedy had quite a few pursuers, and the most famous one is Marilyn Monroe. Facing the affair, Jacqueline Kennedy showed her attitude and standpoint. She didn’t care the sexy lady appeared on President Kennedy’s birthday party. She went traveling with her kids. In the end, Marilyn Monroe “suicided” in her house.
Fashion Icon
170cm-tall Jacqueline has born model look. She didn’t have perfect face, wide eye span on her a square face, but, Jacqueline was good at the skills of dress matching, and she thought that simple but delicate style embodied a woman’s taste best. The word “Jackie Look” made a hit across the United State during being the First lady. Her exclusive designer Oleg Cassini said that no woman didn’t want to wear the same dress, hairstyle and jewelry as Jacqueline. To today, her looks still are classic and stylish. It was destined such a legendary lady just was a fashion icon.

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy and Her Tiffany
What could make the fashion icon touched? Tiffany! Tiffany was approved by Jacqueline very much. She gave a Tiffany cigarette case in yellow gold to her secretary friend Helen Lempart. President Kennedy knew that Jacqueline’s love for Tiffany, so he expressed his love with Tiffany jewelry. In order to celebrity the birth of their son, President Kennedy ordered Tiffany Two Fruit brooch for his wife although he was busy preparing inauguration ceremony. The two fruits symbolizes their two children. The brooch was the first jewelry designed by Jean Schlumberger. Jacqueline likes it very much, so she wore it several times. In 1962, President Kennedy sent Tiffany Enamel bangles in gold with gemstones as a gift. Jacqueline likes the bangle very much so that she collected the same model in different colors. She often wore several pieces. As time flies, she still liked wearing Tiffany Enamel bangles.

As one of top three world-famous jewelry brands, Tiffany & Co has taken innovation and originality as its foundation since it was established in 1837. Creative essence of Tiffany reflects strong American character. Concise lines tell calm attitude and attractive elegance. Tiffany fuses harmony, proportion and orderliness into every item cleverly and naturally. People long for conciseness, brightness and wisdom. No matter how old girls are, they all love Tiffany jewelry.

For rich men, high jewels are just necessities. For ordinary people, they’re luxury goods. Everyone has different consumption views on luxury goods. To buy or not to buy, it hinges on your income level and your consumption concept. In my opinion, value of jewelry lies in that you love it and you need it. If you meet an item you love and need, you just go for it even though it’s a fake or replica one. You love it, and it’s your best, or it’s nothing. Jewelry realizes its value as long as it can dress you. Highly recommend 5 types of replica Tiffany bracelets in sterling silver or gold-plated silver. Any of them adds brilliance to your present beauty. They set off your taste, personal character and attitude when you wear all of five models on your wrist. Be an excellent girl starts from a fine bracelet.

1. Replica RETURN TO TIFFANY® Narrow Circle Edge Cuff Sterling Silver Bangle
Well-made open cuff bangle around your wrist brings you distinctive wearing experience. Although it’s a replica model, delicate treatment makes this bangle better. You and your bangle will catch people’s attention in the crowd.

2. Replica PALOMA’S GRAFFITI Love Tag Bead Bracelet in Silver
This classic beaded bracelet is decorated with a round tag engraved with love. The bracelet symbolizes rich and pure love. Each of silver beads sets off dazzling and lovely charm. Smooth beads encircle your wrist, and smooth and fine feel comes.

3. Refplica TIFFANY KEYS Wire Bracelet in 18K White Gold
This sterling silver bracelet is the key to open your heart door. It symbolizes hope, luck and love. It encircles your wrist in this modern and elegant design, and it will bring you good luck, bright future and romantic love. You wear it on your wrist, and you are the focus in the crown.

4. Replica TIFFANY T Gold Narrow Wire Bracelet in 18K Rose gold
Simple and clean lines leave a deep impress on people. The Tiffany T bracelet embodies the concept-Less is More. Rose gold coating adds sweet and elegant temperament to the silver bracelet.

5. Replica TIFFANY ATLAS® Bar Bracelet in Sterling Silver
With narrow chain and silver strip, the bracelet comes with streamlined and modern style. Four Roman numerals engraved in the silver strip tells us its collection feature. Simple but bold design brings out elegance of this bracelet.

Maybe many will keep away from it, after they see the word “replica or fake”. Why so? Not only Tiffany has the right to use the clover, heart or bow knot to design jewelry. Don’t you think that Juicy Couture has the same style as Tiffany? Juicy Couture also applies clovers and hearts to its bracelets and necklaces. I don’t think that to buy replicas is a shame, while I think that to pass replicas as off the real is a shame, and it’s a shame that you tell others that your replica Tiffany is real.

Here I recommend replica Tiffany Bow jewelry, and it will realize your childhood dream. Every girl had a bow knot in her childhood. I’m afraid that a hair band with a bow knot is impressed deeply. The bow knot always brings back girls’ young memories. It interlaced your head, neck, wrist and fingers, symbolizing friendship, love and family affection. After being moulded, replica Tiffany Bow in sterling silver is treated carefully by hand. It’s fake but delicate.

Replica Tiffany Bow Pendent Necklace
The replica Tiffany Bow Pendent necklace consists of a piece of single chain and an asymmetric diamond bow knot pendent. The single chain looks simple but modern, and the diamond bow knot pendent is full of female elegance. The asymmetric design reminds us of precious memories, and it is like the real reflection, distinctive and unperfect. The replica Tiffany Bow Pendent necklace in sterling silver shows your elegant style.

Replica Tiffany Bow Earrings
The replica Tiffany Bow Earrings are cute, delicate and simple, available in sterling silver and rose gold-plated on silver. The design for symmetric bow ribbons is full of youth and elegance. Without redundant ornament, they are like the real reflection of girls’ youth, pure, clean and real. The silver pair is more suitable for the younger, and the rose gold pair is appropriate for ladies at the age of 28 and above.

Replica Tiffany Bow bracelet
I recommend two styles, replica Tiffany Bow bead bracelet and replica Tiffany Bow chain bracelet. The hand-made replica Tiffany bow bead bracelet with a bow pendent is suitable for girls at any age, but you had better not wear it if you are obese. The replica Tiffany Bow chain bracelet consists of a piece of single chain and a diamond bow knot, full of elegant style and young energy. It is more appropriate for the younger, and your elegance stands out.

Replica Tiffany Bow Ring with White Gemstones
A hand is women’s second face, so it needs a ring or more to adorn. The replica Tiffany Bow ring with white gemstones is available in sterling silver and rose gold-plated silver. Any girl can wear the silver model, but the rose gold is more suitable for aged 25 and above. The Bow is a charming symbol of our most important ties. Feminine in form, modern in design, this asymmetrical ring shows your elegant style.

The key was originally used to open the door. Later, with the development of the trend, the designers used keys and locks as metaphors and symbols of love. A key to a lock is a key to open a heart door. After getting popular, more and more key jewelries launched the market. As a international well-known jewelry band, Tiffany&Co didn’t missed the classic element. Among many jewelry brands across the world, only Tiffany makes it successful that Tiffany Keys comes to our mind when it comes to key-themed jewelries. The key-themed jewelry has been already a iconic feature of Tiffany .

Tiffany collected many classic or precious keys which were used to open the gates of the private manors and precious luggage in its treasure bank. Inspired by those keys, Tiffany designers created a lot of attractive key pendents. Tiffany Keys necklace is so popular that girls from different countries want to wear one on their necks, even it is included in the lists by men. How many key pendents has Tiffany&Co produced so far? Who knows. It seems that the number of Tiffany Keys pendents is more than the number of keys in a key store, but Tiffany&Co launches new models every year. Tiffany&Co makes Tiffany Keys be luxury jewelries successfully. Every key necklace bought by a girl or a boy represents a moving story. Every girl wants a key to open a success door or love door. I have to say Tiffany&Co is such a good teller that Tiffany Keys is so popular across the world. Frankly speaking, it’s just a key jewelry. The real reason is that girls are willing to believe the key. In my opinion, a leaf, a cup or a pen injected with hope, faith and love can also bring you good luck or good fortune. A replica Tiffany Keys pendent necklace can do it.

Replica Tiffany jewelry making has as a long history as Tiffany&Co. High end or cheap Tiffany Keys pendent replica necklaces are available in the market. I highly recommend some replica Tiffany Keys pendent necklaces to girls. Available in different styles. You can buy one or more if you like them, and they will decorate your neck and bring you good luck and good fortune.

Silver is not a kind of precious or rare metal, cheap and large quantity. Why is Tiffany jewelry in sterling silver expensive? Simply speaking, Tiffany&Co sells service experience, brand culture and innovative design to consumers. With the development of machines and craft, replica Tiffany jewelry in sterling silver can be comparable with the original. Made of 925 silver, Tiffany Keys replicas are decorated with diamonds or gemstones and printed with brand and series numbers. Well-made Tiffany replicas are hardly recognized, and 925 silver usually doesn’t make a bad influence on human skin, so girls wear them without worry.

What’s the standard of beauty? Beautiful face? I don’t think so. I think overall temperament is more important than a beautiful face. Thin, long neck and sexy collarbone stand out a girl’s elegant temperament. You will be perfect if you add a diamond necklace to your beautiful neck. Tiffany&Co has launched many classic necklace models in the history of more than 180 years, and it keeps designing novel models at present. The Tiffany blue box is taken from Tiffany store to every girl who yearns for happiness. Two types of replica Tiffany diamond necklaces can be worn by ladies at the age of 18-80.

Replica Tiffany T Smile Pendent Necklace with diamonds in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold or White gold
Available in three models. Replica Tiffany T Smile Pendent necklace is plated with rose gold, yellow gold or white gold on 925 sterling silver, and its smile pendent is decorated with tiny diamonds. Replica Tiffany T Smile Pendent necklace is guaranteed to achieve professional and best quality. Thin chain encirles your neck and the T smile pendent with diamonds falls between your collarbones, and there is no doubt that you are the beautiful in the crowd at that moment.

A smiles-a-lot girl never gets too near to misfortune. Wonderful life starts from a sweet smile. Tiffany T smile pendent necklace inherits abstract lines and simple style from Tiffany T collection, sending confident beauty. T smile pendent necklace with simple design and modern style produces harmonious aesthetic. A girl in an elegant dress is set off by T smile pendent necklace. As time flies, a girl wears a smile on her face is full of distinctive appeal with her T smile pendent necklace.

Replica Tiffany ELSA PERETTI® Diamonds by the Yard® Necklace in Sterling Silver
Made of 925 sterling silver, replica Tiffany Elsa Peretti® Diamonds by the Yard® necklace shimmers with charm. Diamonds are the best friend of women, and they are decorated in the Yard necklace. They embellish your neck, collarbone and shoulders, dazzling and brilliant. The necklace is especially suitable for slender ladies in the summer or at an evening party, foiling their charm perfectly.

Tiffany&Co started to cooperate with Elsa Peretti in 1976, and Elsa Peretti designed many classic models, such as the Bean, the Teardrop, the Open Heart and by the Yard. The replica necklace I introduced just now copies Elsa Peretti diamond by the yard necklace. Round gemstones catch the sterling silver chain and make them dance on. It is enough long to be a double-loop necklace around your neck, and the shorter loop falls between your collarbones. It’s a real necklace that is worth it.

Whether Tiffany T Smile Pendent Necklace with diamonds or Tiffany ELSA PERETTI® Diamonds by the Yard® Necklace, either of them is a “it” model. The two replica necklaces are made of good and real silver and gemstones. You buy them for yourself, your mother or your friends. They will light up your wonderful life.

Tiffany is famous for diamonds and silver jewelry all over the world. It never caters to trendy fashion, on the contrary, it manipulates fashion and taste fully. Tiffany & Co has taken original masterpieces as its essence since it was established by Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1837.

In 1886, Tiffany&Co launched the world’s most iconic engagement ring, the Tiffany® Setting, and the collection has been growing up and expanded since then. The six-prong setting is absolutely the most reputable and famous design, and it allows the brilliant diamond to stand above the brand and into the light. The setting design sets off diamond extremely, making brilliant rays reflect in different ways. This ring made the whole world find its charm with originality and minimalism. After that, the six-prong setting became the international standard of engagement ring setting soon. To 1887, Tiffany&Co acquired a great number of royal jewels from the French Royals. Tiffany&Co could be comparable with European jewelers at the end of the 19th century. Its founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany was called “the King of Diamond” by media of America. It has built its status in high jewelry industry since then.

The Tiffany® Setting diamond ring has a long history of more than 130 years, but it’s the most iconic engagement ring. Why six-prong setting? Four-prong setting can lift a diamond firmly. We get the reason by comparing six-prong setting and four-prong setting. The diamond lifted above the six-prong setting looks bigger and solid. The setting lifts not only a diamond but a unique vow, so the ring can witness your love and happiness. No girl can resist its temptation, and any of girls wants to own such one. It’s just a necessity for celebrities and rich men, but it’s a luxury item for ordinary people. In my opinion, forever diamond is forever love, it’s just a cheating advertising way. If you like the Tiffany® Setting diamond ring, a replica version is a good option for ordinary girls.

925 sterling silver ring with a white gemstone reaches the professional and best quality. The same design and exterior look satisfy your demands for the original edition. Thanks for well-polished treatment and refine materials, the replica Tiffany diamond engagement ring romantic and royal charm. It also stands for forever between you and your husband, as long as it’s enough that your love is true.

Product placement in movies is a more popular mean of advertising, but the stiff or abrupt way is easy to be criticized. It is true that jewelry has the power of freezing an era and improves a movie magically, but the jewelry must fit the movie well. As for the film Anna Karenina in 2012, product placement caused dissatisfaction of fans and audience. The jewelry Anna was wearing was supported by Chanel Joaillerie Collection, but it’s obvious that the jewelry isn’t suitable for the social background of the film. On the contrary, Tifffany &Co and the film The Great Gatsby which was released in 2013 is a successful cooperation. Tiffany jewelry based on the film background brings audience back to the “Jazz Age”.

The Great Gatsby adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the same name in 1925. It told a story happened in New York, America in the 1920s. High jewelry people wore was used to show one’s status and wealth in that Golden city, and with the help of Tiffany high jewelry, the film was faithful historical depictions. The reasons for cooperating with Tiffany&Co include two pieces. One is that F. Scott Fitzgerald was a loyal client of Tiffany. The other is that the first design director Louis Comfort Tiffany enjoyed the wealthy community in Long Island. Tiffany&Co collects many pieces of amazing jewelry from the 1920s.

Baz Luhrmann, who was nominated for the best director Oscar, cooperated with Catherine Martin (a fashion designer) and Tiffany&Co to finish the film. The film told a Golden age when the rich men were addicted to luxury life and brilliant high jewelry. There is no doubt that Tiffany’s Antique Collection is the source of inspiration for fashion ans style in the film.

In an opening scene, Gatsby’s Daisy ring and Daisy’s Engagement ring made their appearance first. Through their accessories, audience know something about the affection between Gatsby and Daisy. That’s not enough, but Tiffany jewelry for Gatsby and daisy run through the entire film. Gatsby’s Ziegfeld Daisy Cuff links, Daisy’s Savoy Headpiece, Ziegfeld collection and Legacy earrings came from Tiffany&Co., and these jewelry pieces foil perfectly Daisy’s attractive charm. In addition to high jewelry collection, the fine porcelain, the silver-made table wares and other decorations displayed in Jay Gatsby’s home were designed by Tiffany&Co..

The film The Great Gatsby makes Tiffany win the higher reputation and attention all over the world, and the film is spoken highly in the Globe. The cooperation between the film and Tiffany is a win-win choice.

I believe that many girls are familiar to Tiffany and want Tiffany jewelries. As a high end jewelry brand, Tiffany is geared to the needs of the high-consumption crowd.Charles Lewis Tiffany cooperated with his friends and managed a stationery&accessory store in New York in 1837. He controlled the store’s ownership until 1853 and named the company Tiffany&Co., and the company brought focus to the jewelry industry officially. Tiffany&Co. built chain stores in many cities all over the world. American government adopted the standard that Tiffany selects gems and precious metals as the official standard. To today, Tiffany has been one of globally well-known luxury companies, whose Blue Box is a symbol of American style. Tiffany&Co. manages silver-made accessories and table wares and diamonds, and it achieved a high reputation because of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Not every lady can afford one or more from the luxury store, Tiffany&Co. Will you buy Tiffany replicas? Yes or No?

I Will Do That!
1. I will buy them if the Tiffany replicas aren’t printed with the brand logo. The act is legal.
2.The law says that the copyright is protected in 50 years. Tiffany that has been established for more than 180 years hasn’t owned copyright of some original designs. Frankly speaking, the heart-shaped, clover-shaped or enamelled jewelries belong to public domain designs, and don’t you think Juicy Couture jewelry is similar to Tiffany&Co.? Do you think this is a kind of infringement act? The infringement act is hardly defined in the fashion industry.
3.My proposition is reasonable consumption. I can’t afford luxury Tiffany jewelries, but I really like exterior looking of some accessories, so I will buy Tiffany replicas but I only order those jewelries made of good materials. In brief, I buy that attractive exterior looking not the brand value.
4.I think quality is the God, so I don’t care whether an accessory is from a famous brand or an unknown brand. I will buy high quality Tiffany replicas as long as the products are of good quality.
5.When we still could not afford luxury, we should never be too close to the shop window, staring at a happy trance.
6.When you find your silver-made Tiffany jewelries get oxidized, you will regret and sigh that why not buy a silver-made Tiffany replica.

I Won’t Do That!
1. Never buy replica Tiffany jewelries, or you could bear mental suffering after others know the fact.
2.Never give up items you like because of their fancy prices. They will inspire your fighting will to be closer to your goals.
3.Tiffany symbolizes my status, so I won’t buy replica Tiffany.
4.I belong to the high-consumption crowd, so why not buy real Tiffany jewelries?
Tiffany jewelry contains deep cultural deposits and original concept, so what I buy is not just a piece of jewel but its value.
Well, what’s your attitude towards Tiffany replicas?