Tiffany Circlet


Compared to the well-known T series and Keys series, Tiffany & Co. has a relative niche series. Different from Tiffany’s modern design, this series is full of retro beauty.

The Tiffany Circlet series is mainly round. In addition to the overall shape of the pendant, the interior is divided into two layers, the inside is a round-cut diamond, and the next is surrounded by a smaller round-cut diamond. .

Compared to a single round-cut diamond model, this series looks more layered.

 In addition to a single round pendant, the series also includes pendants made of three circles of different sizes in series. Because the rings are arranged from small to large, this one looks more extended and make the neck look longer, and the V-neck top is also very good and continues the visual effect.

This double necklace is much more solemn. Rings of different sizes are staggered, and the two chains hanging down are particularly agile.

The series includes two kinds of materials, platinum and 18K rose gold. Many gems in Victorian Europe were set on platinum. In Edwardian time, platinum was used more frequently, so platinum seems to have its own retro classic temperament. Later, the appearance of K gold made jewelry more diverse, but relatively speaking, platinum is more stable and durable, and platinum will be more transparent with diamonds.

The most special part of this series is the ring. If you want me to recommend a vintage-style ring, then I may choose Tiffany’s Circlet series. Although the official did not specify the period from which the inspiration for the design originated, just looking at this workmanship, we can clearly feel that it is distinguished from modern design. The design of the main stone with small diamonds brings people back to the last century in Europe, and the ring edge of this Tiffany’s ring also has bumpy patterns, which adds a noble feeling.

In addition, the shape of the three main stones was actually popular as early as the Victorian era, and more often worn by royal nobles. Until today, the engagement ring in Meghan’s hands also used the shape of the three main stones. And behind the three-stone ring actually contains a profound meaning. The three main treasures on the ring symbolize the past, present, and future of the couple. For this reason, the ring looks extra romantic.

In addition to the three-stone ring, there is also a ring in the series linked by several basic ring shapes. Set with round brilliant-cut diamonds in platinum, the total weight of the diamonds is 1.08 carats, highlighting Tiffany’s classic elegance.