September 2019


We don’t know if you have a feeling when buying a ring: you want to buy a diamond-free ring, but feel a bit boring; but too gorgeous if buy a diamond ring. At this point, you may need a pavé ring that is more eye-catching than a diamond-free ring and has a lower profile than the diamond ring. It can be worn alone or stacked with other rings. This kind of fine jewelry that not only can be gorgeous jewelry-piece but also the best “partner” is Tiffany Embrace.

Tiffany Embrace rings in gold

The rings in the collection are available in two styles and materials, as well as semi-pave diamonds and full-set diamonds, 18K rose gold and platinum, In addition, the 18K rose gold rings are divided into 2.2mm and 3mm in size.

Tiffany Embrace rings in silver

The platinum-based finger-let is divided into 2.2mm semi-pave diamonds, 3mm half-circle, and full-circle diamond and 3.5mm semi-pave diamonds. Therefore, the choice of style is relatively rich. In general, the half-circle diamond style is more cost-effective. After all, the other side is usually not visible on the inside of the palm. And the other advantage of this ring is that it can act as a Diamond-Free ring if you turn the non-diamond side around.

Tiffany Embrace ring wearing

It can be seen that as the width increases, the diamond size also increase. The wearing effect varies depending on the width of the ring. The 2.2mm ring is easier to match, while the 3mm and 3.5mm models may be more suitable for people with longer fingers. The diamond rings in 18K rose gold are more gentle and low-key, while the platinum diamond rings are more flashy because the color is more unified.

There is also a special ring in the series. The ring is made of platinum and is set with half-circle of round sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds. The sapphire and diamonds are staggered to reveal the breath-taking beauty of elegant and classical.

In fact, why should we consider this type of ring? Because you can get more flash with the least amount of money, if you have a good budget, you can buy it with The Tiffany setting diamond ring, which will make the diamond ring look more shining.

Because these rings are very tightly packed, they are not as easy to wear, bend or break as a single diamond ring. However, it needs more focus on cleaning and maintenance since the dust or other particles may be hidden in the gap.

According to the official website, the price of Tiffany Embrace ranges from $3,425 to $15,525. The price of some models is affordable for people. For the extra-expensive rings, if you are financially troubled, it is more worth considering to purchase delicate replica jewelry with the same appearance for yourself or your special ones.