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From time to time in my circle of friends, there is the content about “bluebird eggs”. This color, collectively referred to as the “blue”, has an exclusive noun called Robin-egg-blue. This blue color is probably the most expensive blue in the world, beyond the Internationa Klein Blue (IKB) I introduced earlier. Because it is the blue that exists in the dreams of thousands of women around the world — Tiffany blue.

This is a kind of blue with powerful magical power, which has a strong appeal.

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Tiffany official website introduces this little blue box: Since its inception, Tiffany Blue Gift Box® has poured the world with its unique charm. As everyone knows, only customers who purchase Tiffany accessories can get this fascinating gift box, which was originally made by Charles Lewis Tiffany. As the 1906 ,New York Sun contained: Tiffany has the same product, no matter how much it costs, it can’t be bought because it not sells. This is Tiffany blue gift box.

I don’t know if you are curious. Why does Tiffany choose this blue color as the standard color of its own brand? You think that the standard colors of domestic wedding jewelry brands are red, gold and white. Due to the cultural background, people will first think of this color, because they all recognize this unique color through this brand.

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But in European and American cultures, the truth is opposite. When people see this color, the first thing that comes to mind is “happiness”, which is why Tiffany founder Charles Lewis Tiffany chose the lighter robin egg blue as the reason for the company’s standard color.

(The reason why Capote wrote “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” instead of “other brands’ Breakfast” is to hint at Holly’s pursuit and desire for “happiness.” At the same time, this also conveys special to people: Tiffany in Robin Egg Blue = Happiness )

This blue represents happiness, especially the happiness of marriage and family. Tiffany chose this blue as the representative color of its own brand.

(Please believe that this is not a unique force, but a traditional tradition that cannot be traditional)

The robin was loved by the British. In 1960, the readers of the Times voted to be the most popular bird, so it was also known as the British national bird. They are not afraid of the cold, nor will they migrate in the winter. People are very happy to have such a cute bird in the cold and dark winter of the UK. Especially the birds under the snow are very beautiful.

From the blue bird eggs to Tiffany Blue, this propaganda of Tiffany is very successful.