March 2019


I always think that the things behind fashion are actually more interesting than fashion itself. Fashion is constantly changing and even reincarnation with the passage of time, which is inseparable from the background of the times. In recent years, the retro style of the hot, let me think of the retro glamour, the glory of the golden 1920s.

“The Great Gatsby” has been frequently screened as a classic, and it has become the best representative of our twentieth century. Writer Fitzgerald, as an experience of the times, described this era with “this is a miraculous generation, an era of art, an era of money, and an era of ridicule”.

Flapper’s original intention is “the bird that just learned to fly”, and the Flapper Girls used to describe the beautiful and frivolous young girl of that era. In the 1920s, the design of the dress was almost “straight” and it was comfortable to wear. But the details on the straight skirt are more luxurious, such as sequins, gems, crystals, feathers and tassels, etc.

In “The Great Gatsby”, this sleeveless skirt inlaid with Swarovski crystals is an important costume for the woman. The collision between the silk dress and the gemstone makes the overall shape more luxurious and highlights the temperament of the ladies. Gorgeous clothes, makeup can not be taken lightly! Finely depicted eyebrows, exquisite smoky makeup, a deep red lips, let people look at it, just want to stop!

In the golden 1920s, fashionable women have kept short hair and then embodies different styles by scalding different curls. If it’s just retro curly hair, the shape is a little monotonous. At the time, influenced by Art Deco’s artistic style, those hair accessories decorated with silk, mesh, diamonds, and feathers were very beautiful.

Tiffany & Co. The Great Gatsby Savoy Diamond and Pearl Headdress

 Previously, pearls were a symbol of elegance, dignity, and conservatism, and the current trend turned it into a feminine and moving accessory that set off women. So long-chain pearls became another sign of the Flapper Girls. Of course, in addition to the long string of entangled pearl necklaces, the multi-circle surrounded pearl bracelet is also a sign.

Tiffany & Co. Blue Book White South Sea Pearl imitated Bracelet

Tiffany & Co. Blue Book imitated diamond ring

In this age of drunkenness, how can big-grain diamonds not be loved by Flapper Girls? In addition to the large carat diamond ring, the jeweled bracelet and brooch are also loved by the cute Flapper Girls.

Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Stinky Diamond imitated Brooch

Throwing the switch in the story, the golden 1920s created a most luxurious dream for future generations, and also created a “dressing model” for the exquisite girls that will always be a style that makes you feel excited.

From time to time in my circle of friends, there is the content about “bluebird eggs”. This color, collectively referred to as the “blue”, has an exclusive noun called Robin-egg-blue. This blue color is probably the most expensive blue in the world, beyond the Internationa Klein Blue (IKB) I introduced earlier. Because it is the blue that exists in the dreams of thousands of women around the world — Tiffany blue.

This is a kind of blue with powerful magical power, which has a strong appeal.

Tiffany Setting six-claw engagement diamond ring is hailed as the perfect wedding essential for each girl.

Tiffany official website introduces this little blue box: Since its inception, Tiffany Blue Gift Box® has poured the world with its unique charm. As everyone knows, only customers who purchase Tiffany accessories can get this fascinating gift box, which was originally made by Charles Lewis Tiffany. As the 1906 ,New York Sun contained: Tiffany has the same product, no matter how much it costs, it can’t be bought because it not sells. This is Tiffany blue gift box.

I don’t know if you are curious. Why does Tiffany choose this blue color as the standard color of its own brand? You think that the standard colors of domestic wedding jewelry brands are red, gold and white. Due to the cultural background, people will first think of this color, because they all recognize this unique color through this brand.

Tiffany & Co Return To Tiffany knock-off bead bracelet

But in European and American cultures, the truth is opposite. When people see this color, the first thing that comes to mind is “happiness”, which is why Tiffany founder Charles Lewis Tiffany chose the lighter robin egg blue as the reason for the company’s standard color.

(The reason why Capote wrote “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” instead of “other brands’ Breakfast” is to hint at Holly’s pursuit and desire for “happiness.” At the same time, this also conveys special to people: Tiffany in Robin Egg Blue = Happiness )

This blue represents happiness, especially the happiness of marriage and family. Tiffany chose this blue as the representative color of its own brand.

(Please believe that this is not a unique force, but a traditional tradition that cannot be traditional)

The robin was loved by the British. In 1960, the readers of the Times voted to be the most popular bird, so it was also known as the British national bird. They are not afraid of the cold, nor will they migrate in the winter. People are very happy to have such a cute bird in the cold and dark winter of the UK. Especially the birds under the snow are very beautiful.

From the blue bird eggs to Tiffany Blue, this propaganda of Tiffany is very successful.