Replica Tiffany & Co

Romantic Valentine’s Day Is on The Way, Tiffany & Co Guards Your Love

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I have listed a 30-year-old must-buy list (what are you guessing inside), one of which is to buy a Tiffany. Although many of my friends preferred its wedding ring. But I just want to have a Tiffany

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
The first time I heard about Tiffany was the Audrey Hepburn’s 1961 film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

International Standard Color Card – Tiffany Blue
To this day, Tiffany Blue has become a brand-specific color with a high degree of recognition. This magical blue color is derived from the color of a robin egg in the United States, Robin’s egg blue. In Western legends, the robin is a symbol of romance and happiness, representing a lover who will eventually become a genus. It is said that Tiffany & Co chose this color in order to create a “color” to interpret love.

Tiffany gift box that can only be given away and don’t sell
The classic Tiffany Blue with signature white ribbon Tiffany Blue Box® is also registered. Out of confidence in this blue gift box, Charles Lewis Tiffany personally set a rule that the gift box cannot be sold separately. As the 1906 “New York Sun” described it as such: “Tiffany has one product, no matter how much it costs, it can’t be bought because it only sells. This is the Tiffany gift box.”

Tiffany & Co little blue gift box only send and don’t sell, which is full of magic for women.

Shakespeare said that the flash is not all gold and it can also be a diamond. As we all know, even though a younger diamond has undergone a replacement of about 900 million years and an older diamond may have a history of about 3 billion years. The number of colored diamonds is less than the number of Picasso’s famous paintings.

In the heart of Tiffany & Co’s chief jeweler Melvyn Kirtly, the world’s most beautiful diamond is a green-blue Tiffany anniversary blue. However, Melvyn Kirtly thinks that pink is the best, especially the “bright pink”.

The engagement diamond ring
The well-known engagement diamond ring in present is the diamond ring firstly promoted by Tiffany & Co. In 1886, Tiffany launched the most prestigious Tiffany® Setting engagement diamond ring, which is still a must-have for all kinds of marriage ceremonies. And this classic “six-claw setting method” immediately became the international standard for engagement diamond ring setting.

Tiffany® Setting white gold imitated classic six-claw diamond ring

Although there are many different cutting methods of diamond, I still feel that the classic six-claw diamond ring is very attractive. This Valentine’s Day, with a Tiffany® Setting imitated diamond ring, I hope that my love is as romantic as Tiffany & Co.