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Can Person Only Engagement On Valentine’s Day? No, With Tiffany & co, People Can Also Propose To Their Beloved Girls

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Every Valentine’s Day is a bright light in the road of love and scenery. On this Valentine’s Day, leave the most romantic memories. Let Tiffany & Co witness your sweet moments.

Blogger has compiled a perfect guide for everyone: how does Valentine’s Day propose? Just a blessing for everyone.

Location–beautiful park
Each park has its own fairy tale. In the beautiful park, people bowed to knees and promised the promise of the next life. The choice of park is best to belong to her favorite theme park, and it is best to be in the city where she lives. In this way, it is convenient for her to go to this romantic and memorable place often with her dearest.

Essentials — Rose and Tiffany & Co Diamond Ring
Among many issues of proposal, the most important thing is a proposal ring. A ring is a heart, when you put a wedding ring for your girl, in fact, your heart has been handed over to her. Tiffany & co diamond ring is the unique affection of the world’s love. To the extreme, coupled with fresh roses, at the moment you kneel on the knee, “belongs to your happiness and sweetness” has already been revealed.

Tiffany & Co Harmony diamond imitated ring

Proposal word – warm and simple
In the proposal, you should add some warm and simple words, “Dear, I want to accompany you to watch the sunrise and sunset every day, I want to take your hand and walk to the white head”. Such a sentence is very simple, but each word and each sentence flows into her heart. So touching and God will be touched by you.

Important details — hand in hand to the end of time
If encounter a snowy day, you must hold her hand tightly on the way to the park. With loved girl, you compose the most beautiful fairy tale of life, which will be very romantic. Of course, artificial snowflake effects is also well.

Welfare tips written in the back — the choice of Valentine’s Day diamond ring
First, before choose a diamond ring, you need to know the knowledge of 4C (weight, color, clarity, cut) . As it affects the quality of diamond, wearing effect and the price. So the homework in this area must be done well.

Secondly, when choose diamond ring, people according to hand shape and skin color will be better. Generally, 30-50 cents diamond with slim hand is obvious. In addition, the classic style can withstand the test of time.

Tiffany & co Harmony Four-claw diamond white gold imitated ring

Tiffany & co Harmony Pearl-chain white gold diamond imitated ring

Finally, when choose ring, boys can consider the brand with a good meaning. For example, Tiffany & Co means true love and happiness, which is very romantic.