There Is Always A Small Time Behind Any Powerful Tiffany

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Every person is glamorous, with expensive bags and exquisite jewellery. And every corner of the city is clean and tidy, only the small figure outside the large glass window is incompatible. Her dress and expressions are not incompatible with this bustling metropolis. A girl from the country, a girl who is eager for money, looks at the expensive and delicate jewelry in the window, dreaming that she can get this one day, but how long it will last, no one knows.

The passage of time has changed the innocent heart of a person. In this world of living on money worship, money really can dominate everything. At the time, the girl who wanted to get expensive jewelry finally got the wish, but it seems she lost something, her eyes became muddy and not as clear as before, as if there was something that she couldn’t tell, she became a communicative flower, and walked around every man in the upper class every day. Money is like a drug. Once you have eaten its sweetness, you will become addicted to it, and you will be inseparable from it. And even try your best to get it.

The exquisite Tiffany jewelry in the window flashed into the girl’s eyes, which reflected the girl’s heart, so that she could not feel at ease. People always wanted to get good things. This is the mentality that everyone will have, maybe some people will turn it into power, while some people, our little girl has turned this reason into an excuse for her own degeneration. One day, she fell into a quagmire that was unable to extricate yourself.

In fact, behind every person who admires vanity, they are all sad, they always feel inferior and need to use luxurious things to cover up their deficiencies. Whether they are rich people wearing gold and silver, or poor people who are not wrapped in clothes, they all have. Like to buy luxury goods and look for some superiority from this writing. In fact, the founders of every luxury goods so famous today is not from a person who has nothing but to the last.

In 1837, New York, USA, a small storefront located at 259 Broadway selling stationery and jewellery is called Tiffany & Young. Among a high-rise building and a luxury group of New York,  this small shop is just plain. But never to underestimate any unremarkable brand. Every brand is built with a firm belief in the founder. Tiffany always wants to have a world-class jewelry brand, which coincides with the Americans who became rich after the first industrial revolution that are eager to have the finest jewellery like the European royal family, hoping to have jewelry that can symbolize their identity, when Tiffany opened the door to actively search for precious jewelry in Europe. Soon, with his unique design style, Tiffany shined in the American jewelry field, and then created many classic designs.

There are many stories that Tiffany can’t forget for a long time. According to legend, during the Civil War, when the American president was Lincoln, under a state of severe war, Lincoln still insisted on buying a necklace at Tiffany jewelry store for his wife. She wore it at her inauguration ceremony, which is enough to illustrate how high Tiffany occupied in the hearts of Americans at the time, and it is incredible that Tiffany company’s Atlas lamp in 1853 suddenly stopped when President Lincoln was assassinated, it may be a coincidence, but it must be said that Lincoln’s influence on the United States is so great, such a person with a high status is favored of Tiffany, so how big Tiffany’s status is.

A talented designer is also a smart businessman, since he knows how to make his brand bigger and bigger. This process is very difficult, but the result is always expected. Anyone who has devoted his life to the brand is without no reason to get better. Tiffany is just like this. From a small stationery store that is not known to a premier jewelry band in the United States at the end. This process may only be understood by itself.

A brand that admires nature, yet is elegant and exquisite, can be displayed without exception in each of its works. Each piece of work is not just an object. The reason why Tiffany’s works can best touch you is that you can see its soul from its works. Every piece shows the enthusiasm, straightforwardness, unrestrainedness, and freedom of the Americans. The low-key silver has always been their pursuit. This is just as Tiffany always insisted, simple and elegant.