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Met Gala is a luxurious event that gathers celebrities from all around the world. It marks the beginning of the following annual Costume Institution exhibition. This year’s theme was a camp-style which caused a little trouble to the guests since nobody really knows what this style really represents. We could only be sure that there is one person that won’t have any difficulties at all – Lady Gaga. The absolute queen of extravagance and this year’s host didn’t fail to meet our expectations.

Lady Gaga changed her outfit even four times this year. She arrived at the event in a huge pink dress with a long train. Around her was a group of men in black smokings and each of them was holding a black umbrella for her. She deliberately exaggerated with unnatural poses.

Then she took off the first layer of her outfit and revealed black ballon top-dress, with an interesting neckline.

When we thought the show is over, and that two dresses are enough she showed us her third outfit – pink figure-flattering dress. She made a performance out of each outfit and we can see that the show was prepared in detail.

Her final outfit was the black underwear with black mesh stocking and black platform boots.

An important detail that should not be left unnoticed is Tiffany jewelry of Lady Gaga at 2019 Met Gala. As we remember, Lady Gaga already wore Audrey Hepburn Tiffany necklace at Oscars 2019, and it absolutely stole the show.

Does Lady Gaga outrageous look make her the Camp Icon of 2019 Met Gala? To be able to answer this question we first have to explain what camp style is exactly. Camp Style has its roots in the gay community and it is predominantly popular among homosexuals, but there were always other groups of eccentric people who loved this style. The characteristics of camp-style are unusual appearance, eccentric behavior, and extravagant outfits. The camp represents the victory of aesthetics over morality and style is more important than content. It is intended for small, hermetic groups of urban people. One of them was Andy Warhol’s famous Factory studio.

As we could see, each Lady Gaga’s outfit was flavored with kitsch details like overly long black and white eyelashes, oversized sunglasses with zircons, and with a retro telephone in a hand. She even had a big pink wagon carrying the beverage bottles behind her. It goes without saying that she didn’t leave anybody indifferent and is it not the whole purpose of the camp style, then, what is?